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TeleMedicine Australia (TMA) was established by Dr Ash Collins, a rural General Practitioner, from Temora in 2010. TeleMedicine Australia provides telemedicine equipment and peripherals , telemedicine software and telemedicine carts for primary care centers, residential aged care facilities and hospitals. TMA HQ also accommodates a fully equipped telemedicine training centers which provides hands-on telemedicine training experience with the opportunity for trainees to attend real time telemedicine consultation during the training course. TMA HQ also includes TMA Telemedicine Clinic which provides telemedicine consultations for patients living in Riverina area. To date (Jan/2014) TMA Telemedicine Clinic has done more than 800 successful telemedicine consultations for people of Temora and surrounding communities


Mission Statement:

TMA primary mission is to bring the best quality telemedicine services to Australian especially ones in rural and regional Australia who have been somehow disadvantaged in accessing medical specialist expertise, which has been primarily concentrated in the major cities

Vision Statement:

The company vision is a future where everyone can get the best quality care as quick, as easy and as cost effective as possible, anywhere and anytime.

TMA team

TMA Team-2010 (from left to right):

Max Assadi (IT Specialist), Daniel Forest (Production Manager), Asal Porshahi (Tele-nurse) , Mike Collins (Designer), Ash Collins (CEO), Farrah Mahdavi (Sale Manager)