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What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine brings telecommunication technology and medicine together to provide healthcare services at a distance. Telemedicine provides consistent access to specialist services, eliminates distance barriers, reduce the cost and increase the quality of care and productivity. Telemedicine allows patients to remain in their community with family support, save money from no need to travel and have immediate urgent care access. For clinician telemedicine brings continuity of care for their patients while providing wonderful educational opportunities provided by specialists’ expertise for younger doctors. It increases productivity for the clinicians by connecting them to the patients from anywhere in the world as long as they are connected to the internet. For rural community telemedicine not only brings high quality medical services to the area but also boost the local economy by keeping those dollars which otherwise are spend by rural and regional patients while travelling to large urban cities.
Here are few examples of how telemedicine works:

David is 78 years and affected by type 2 diabetes and on insulin. He lives on a farm and the closest specialist is 270 kilometres away. He travels to his GP clinic, just few kilometres away and see his specialist via telemedicine.
Wendy, 79 years of age has recently done a total knee replacement in a hospital 300 kilometres away in a tertiary hospital. She sees her knee surgeon for follow up visits by attending her GP clinic via telemedicine.

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