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Pharmacy offers "telemedicine" for quick access to GP
QT (Queensland Times)

THE inconvenience caused by lost or forgotten scripts for regular medications could well be a thing of the past due to a new "telemedicine" option on offer at Healthpoint Day & Night pharmacy from today.


Health Point Pharmacy Mackay connecting to Pharmacy-link

This service bring GPs and specialists to Mackay
The idea behind Pharmacy-Link is to bring 24/7 GP, specialist and allied health telehealth services to pharmacies around Australia,” TMA managing director, Dr. Ash Collins, said.This solution also allows pharmacies to screen for a number of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, atrial fibrillation and asthma


TMA offers a suite of telehealth services,

including a bank of GPs, specialists, nurses and allied health professionals who provide remote video consultations. It also markets a range of telemedicine devices, including the HiCare device, which allows patients and healthcare professionals to conduct a video conference through the device from anywhere in the world.


This new device will collect all the data’s from different medical peripherals and transfer it to the healthcare professionals 

TMA offers short courses in telemedicine.

The course covers different telehealth technology and solutions, use of technology as well as connecting real patients to real doctors. The training combines use of technology through role-playing scenarios and using different telemedicine peripherals

Today NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli visited TeleMedicine Australia ,

He had a discuss the telemedicine course with Dr Collins 

Temora's medical revolution continues.

It's now home to another medical centre unlike anything else in Australia. 
A centre that does nothing else but link local patients with metro specialists, via the internet.

Senator Fiona Nash met with local doctor, Dr Ashley Collins

 first-hand look at the technology being used to deliver a healthcare solution that is making a real difference on the ground in Temora and the local surrounding community


During a planned visit to Temora this September, her Excellency, the Governor-General, has personally requested an inspection of the new TeleMedicine Australia (TMA) headquarters located at NRCC House.


Temora searches for new doctors PRIME7

Governor-General receives callers

The Governor-General received the Deputy Mayor of Temora Shire Council, Councillor Rick Firman, and TeleMedicine Australia’s Dr Ash Collins.

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