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  • Fully integrated telemedicine station
  • Connectivity to a wide range of telemedicine (see our medical peripherals)
  • Built-in Quad Core i7 PC running Windows® 7
  • High Resolution Video Camera
  • Teleconferencing chat 60 microphone
  • Monitor, keyboard, mouse
  • Scanner, digital camera
  • Multimedia Card Reader
  • ENT, Stethoscope, Vital Signs Mounting Brackets
  • Large Locking Front Drawers with Lighting for Storage
  • Dedicated wiring and storage spaces for General exam camera, Otoscope, ECG, Spirometer
  • Enclosed Electronic Cabinet for Spill and Dust Protection
  • 4” Locking Wheels for Easy Mobility
  • Extended wireless range – Wireless Network Card, Wireless antenna
  • Compatible with any video conferencing system - Hardware or Codec video conferencing
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