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AGNES™is a telemedicine device aggregation appliance responsible for gathering and distributing patient medical information in real time and independent of any video conferencing system network.

AGNES runs under Windows with specialized medical device drivers and customized web services capable of secure, real time streaming.


The AGNES™ Web Portal offers real-time video, audio and data transmitted from the patient location, allowing physicians to see, hear and view appropriate test results.


  • Remote physician side completely browser based.
  • No installation and zero cost for remote physician
  • Access from anywhere in world from a web browser allowing  for complete physician mobility
  • EMR data integration
  • Complete data capture of medical quality audio, visual and data
  • Telemedicine quality imaging and sound at bandwidths as low as 64kbs
  • No specialized communication equipment required
  • Both TCP and UPD based video and audio streaming available
  • Ability to transfer any forms or other medical documents between participants in the medical encounter
  • Doctor side completely browser based - Minimal CPU usage on the physician side
  • Fully secured using configurable authorization sources, as well as end-to-end encryption with SSL capability
Integrates with a full line of medical devices for general and specialized care, including:



Various Stethoscopes






General Exam Camera


Vital Signs

Medical Video

Many More

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