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tConsult Software

tConsult is a complete store and forward telemedicine software solution. The tConsult software operates on any Microsoft workstation with either a touch screen or mouse. This solution provides a patient case record, linkage of all diagnostic images, data and sound and it interfaces with a wide range of medical devices.

tConsult was developed with Alaska's AFHCAN, one of the world's largest and most successful telemedicine programs. The system is designed for ease of use and dependable performance even in some of the most remote regions on earth. tConsult offers extensive color coding, touch screen user interface, one button image capture. tConsult is designed for remote deployment and required minimal training, minimal support and can be remotely updated or serviced. tConsult is now the fastest growing store and forward application with users across North America, Greenland and Europe.


  • Touch screen Compatibility
  • Color coded for easy navigation
  • Three clicks to access peripherals
  • Minimal user training required
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