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Telemedicine Dispatch Case

The Dispatch Case offers a complete telemedicine solution in a portable hard case.
The Dispatch Case offers mobility and flexible connectivity options via standard LAN or wireless card connections. The lightweight and compact Dispatch Case makes it incredibly easy to transport and allows for use in multiple locations.
The Dispatch Case is ideal for many specialty areas including emergency care, disaster response, mobile units, home health care, correctional facilities, and military field


  • 17" Touch Screen Monitor - Reduces Use of Keyboard
  • CPU Built Directly Into Unit
  • Capable of Running on ANY Operating System
  • IO Panel in Back to Support Direct Connect to Video Conferencing
  • Durable SBK Rated Light Weight Plastic Case


  • Flexible Connectivity Options Via Standard LAN or Wireless Card Connections
  • Organized Cable Management
  • Compact, but yet Large enough to Support the Most Utilized Telemedicine Equipment in the World today

Supported Medical Devices

  • General Exam Camera
  • Digital MacroView Otoscope
  • Telephonic Stethoscope,
  • 12 Lead ECG
  • Digital Spirometer

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