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12 Lead PC-based ECG

 Improve accuracy, enable immediate access to patient diagnostic information and enhance your practice's efficiency with Welch Allyn's PC-Based resting ECG! Welch Allyn can help you tailor a solution that's perfect for your office workflow. You can now automatically transfer patient information and test data into EMR’s (Electronic Medical Records) without redundant work steps, misidentified patients, transcription errors or delay. clinicians spend less time documenting and more time with patients because we eliminate the need for manual data entry, copying, scanning and shredding ECG reports.


  •   From single computer or enterprise-wide networks—with or without an EMR
  •  Preview live 4x3 reports on screen prior to printing
  •  Eliminate repeat ECGs
  •  Automatic ECG measurements speed physician review and interpretation
  • Large screen display saves time and eliminates repeat ECGs
  •  Programmable report formats print on plain paper using an inkjet or laser printer. No need for expensive thermal paper. No more fading problems
  •  Overlay previous ECGs to spot differences
  •  Interpret and edit report on screen for patients down to one day old!
  •  Easily monitor patients with intermittent arrhythmias
  •  Enterprise-wide access to test results from anywhere, anytime you can access a secure network
  •  Connect with your EMR’s and eliminate the need to sort through lengthy paper reports or interpret hard-to-read faxed copies of test result
  •  Upgradeable—leverage your investment by adding stress, Spirometery and/or ABPM modules to complete your cardiopulmonary suite 

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