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Direct Ophthalmoscope

It brings you the video version of a diagnostic direct ophthalmoscope used by primary care and pediatric physicians worldwide for primary care ophthalmology examinations of the retina. View and illuminate retina, head of optic nerve, retinal arteries, vitreous humor, through an undilated pupil. Capture images in freeze frame for extended review. Focus in eyepiece is equal to image on video monitor. 3 C size 1.5 Batteries required. Connects to the Standard Definition and the A High Definition Camera & Illumination Systems. Popular with primary care and pediatric physicians, this direct ophthalmoscope expands your video diagnostic capabilities in ophthalmology.


  •     Optics: Coaxial Optical System
  •     Illumination: POC illumination lamp
  •     Field of View: Pupil size dependent
  •     Aperture Selections: Micro, small, large, fixation, slit, cobalt
  •     Filter Selections: Red-free, polarizing filter
  •     Diopter Selections: -25 to +40, single increments
  •     Focus: Adjustable focus ring for video image

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