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I know so well how crucial is the issue of health and services for people in rural and remote Australia. It just makes myheart skip to see the capacity of this technology and your expertise; what it will deliver for families in bush Australia, and how much more the sense of security will give to families. 

Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC CVO

Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia

Dr Collins is an extraordinary man with a vision for health delivery into regional communities. Telemedicine Australia provides a real opportunity to bridge the divide between city and country when it comes to regional Australians' access to health care. This innovative new technology, combined with Dr Collins determination to improve the provision of health services, provides real options for country people. Dr Collins is to be congratulated for his ground-breaking work, striving to improve the lives of rural Australians.  

Deputy Leader of the Nationals in the Senate and Assistant Minister for Health

Dr Collins's innovation is closing the gap between city and country access to specialists and could potentially revolutionise the way healthcare is delivered to Australians in rural, regional and remote areas, alleviating burdens already affecting access to medical services in these areas.
I am thrilled that this technology is in place in my electorate of Riverina and I congratulate Dr Collins on his accomplishment, and his genuine desire to ensure Australians anywhere in the country have access to top level specialists.  

Federal Member for Riverina

TeleMedicine Australia (TMA) is, in my view, REVOLUTIONARY technology and something that gives Temora Shire and other rural communities a great deal of hope in terms of not being the ‘forgotten poor cousins’ of the city areas.

TMA is going to save our struggling rural families having to necessarily travel to see a Specialist in Sydney, Melbourne or elsewhere. It is already a financial burden on many rural families to meet the costs associated with health care and travel, accommodation etc. TMA will enable rural and regional families to have the services of a Specialist from anywhere in Australia and beyond.

In my view, TeleMedicine Australia will revolutionize medical services in rural, regional and remote areas, and will, eventually, be adopted right across the Nation and assist rural and regional Australians in more ways than we can possibly imagine.  

Mayor Temora Shire Council
President Temora & District Sports Council
Chairman Temora Health Services Advisory Council
President Temora Business Chamber for Commerce

The activities of TeleMedicine Australia (TMA) will ensure that people in rural and regional Australia will be able to optimise the opportunities of Tele-health. Ready to access to medical specialists has long been a concern for residents of remote, rural, regional and even outer, metropolitan areas of Australia. TMA has opened the access to these specialists by the innovative use of technology.

The Temora community is in the fortunate situation of being the first community to benefit from TMA technology. The feedback from patients who have utilised the facilities has been overwhelmly positive and I feel sure that this benefit will rapidly escalate too many other communities as the potential benefits are realised.  

General Manager Temora Shire Council

TMA innovation is really an exceptional advance in technology for all rural areas and should help relieve the pressure of horrendous workloads on GPs, both in rural and regional locations. Countless people will surely benefit from TMA hard work.  

Director Auswild& Broad Pty. Ltd.

I've heard a lot about you and I believe that you do wonderful work so thank you for talking to us. It's a great boost for people in the bush. Travelling to the city costs a lot of money. Staying overnight costs a lot of money. Petrol is dear, and all those costs are limited, and yet you can still get a beneficial result. So I'm very grateful for your time Dr Collins and thank you for talking with me.  


I have been working with Telemedicine Australia for a few years, and I used their technology for consulting with the remote patients, it is very efficient and convenient and this technology greatly helped me for care of my remote patients. To my knowledge all patients were satisfied with this new technology  

( MD, AMC,GP).

Given that many regional areas are remote from a medical specialist perspective, TMA will allow patients to have easier access to specialists without the extra stress of travel and additional expense, and not to mention often extended waiting lists. All of which can often be a major deterrent for country people requiring medical assistance.

In recent years Temora has been given the title of ‘the friendliest town’. It is now hoped with this TMA health-saving technology we can also be donned with the title of the ‘healthiest town’ as more people understand the significance TMA can make to their health and wellbeing.  

Vice Chairman Temora Local Health Advisory Council