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Agnes Telemedicine Software


Agnes Telemedicine Software, by Daniel Forest
AGNES is a powerful telemedicine software working on the lowest bandwidth, gathering information from vital signs monitors, stethoscope  cameras, scopes, ECG, spirometer and many more devices and deliver them to the far-end clinician desktop.

 IMED Telemedicine

IMED Telemedicine Cart demonstration by Dr Ash Collins

Home Doctor


Home Doctor, by Daniel Forest
Home-Doctor is your Doctor at your home.Home-Doctor records and saves your medical record and checks your blood pressure, blood test, urine test and sends this information to your Doctor.Home-Doctor overcomes distance and time to achieve the best health for you.

Eye-Fundus Camera Tutorial

How to use Eye-Fundus Camera


Diagnostic Set


Complete Diagnostic Set Manual


 3M Littman 3200 Electronic Bluetooth Stethoscope 



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